What we do?

It’s simple: We listen to real people so that we can understand their specific business problems. Then together, we create the software that they want that helps to solve their problems.

Specialisms include:
  • Automated Worker / Person Tracking for
    • Time & Attendance
    • Real-Time data capture & monitoring of movements
    • Automated data capture – no ‘clocking in’ machines or telephone calls for workers to make
    • Automated alerting for various scenarios:
      • ‘no shows’
      • ‘taking too long’
      • ‘wrong route taken’
      • ‘proof of visit’
      • ‘lone worker – help needed’
        • (e.g. an automated alert can be raised where a lone worker (say) falls down and is incapacitated & unable to call for help themselves or perhaps where a worker has capacity but needs to silently or secretly trigger an alert to request help
  • HR & Facilities Management
  • Payroll
    • Including integrations for Data Provisioning Services & HMRC RTI submissions
    • Workplace Pensions & integrations for NEST, NOW, The People’s Pension & others

    Mobile App Creation & Integration

  • Mobile Apps for workflow and custom made forms handling

And more? Lets say we talk and improve on this list…